Mexico Winter Retreats

RETREATS ARE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED FOR FUTURE DUE TO COVID19, but we continue with virtual one on one Writing Coaching to launch our authors.

What you need to know to be part of this retreat

Writing Retreats in Mexico in Winter

Annually – X 4 January to March – Choose Your Best Date
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Mexico 7-day Retreats $1360 CAD (or approx. $1035 USD), incl. accommodation. NOTE: we have recently changed our pricing to include accommodation for the week.
What Retreats Include
Accommodation and Other Costs
About the Instructor / Coach
What you need to know to be part of this retreat

We are now filling our Mexico Writing Retreats for 2020!

Annually Mexico retreats happen at the Retreat Centre at a town just north of Manzanillo, Mexico. Retreat classes start on Monday, however people will arrive on the Saturday.  Participants often come a day or two early so they are refreshed for morning class (accommodation fees are separate to allow for extra days).10 person maximum. We keep group size small so quality and individual attention is high.

  • January 6 – 12, 2020
  • January 20 – 26, 2020
  • February 17 – 23, 2020
  • March 16 – 22, 2020 (only if previous retreats are filled)

Please review questions/info at bottom of page before calling for more information at:


or contact at and we are happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.


Retreats Include:

          • 5 Daily Group Classes in writing and publishing – non-fiction and fiction
          • 3 Special breakfasts and 2 Continental Breakfasts with classes
          • Two one-on-one coaching sessions in writing and publishing – appointments made over 7 days
          • Accommodation choices for up to 7 nights including onsite at Casa Creatividad retreat house, or at the near by hotel we work with – extra nights will be billed in advance or you may arrange with hotel in person.
          • Guided fun events that may have nominal costs
          • Social Events and networking with writers
          • Readings
          • Bicycles to use at the Retreat House
          • Farewell Dinner event
          • Optional Tours can be arranged if you stay a few days longer
          • Massages and other services are extra charges

        Price for Mexico Writing Retreats

        Price does not include airfare and includes up to 7 nights accommodation. See above for all inclusions or contact us for any other questions.

        $1360 CAD, or approx. $1035 USD currently.

        ONLY $200 CAD deposit to reserve and register at this rate (PayPal will convert your USD)

        paypal-deposit and REGISTER!

        Accommodation and Other Costs


        We recommend you use your points to get best values on a return flight to Manzanillo, Mexico on the West Coast. The retreat is in a coastal town 25 minutes to the north of the Manzanillo airport, ZLO, a taxi ride away. For best values try Alaska Airlines or their partner airlines or WestJet and Air Transat (Canadian). Some people do go to Puerto Vallarta PVR and book a bus ride down… if you are planning that or coming into any other airport other than Manzanillo, let us know in advance. Ground transport and taxis are not included.


        Accommodation is included. We have limited upstairs deluxe rooms with private bathrooms (such as The Nopal Room) on site at Casa Creatividad , our retreat centre which we fill first. For extra days they are discounted rates for retreat participants so put down your deposit and reserve one of those rooms as soon as you can. Off site accommodation that is highly rated by our past participants will be booked for you. Whether at the retreat House or at the Hotel you will be in a few blocks to the beach, restaurants and all the amenities of the town.

      • Food

        foodIncluded food is three Special Breakfasts (Pancake, Frittata and Scrambles Eggs) as well and at least one Continental breakfast. There are also coffee and other refreshments during classes and any evening classes as well. A Farewell dinner will be given at the Retreat House. Other evening meals and readings are enjoyed at the many excellent restaurant choices around the corner and the costs are not included. We prefer to move the evening meal around and you can also have the fun of discovering your own favorites restaurants within a comfortable walking distance because there are several fabulous restaurants here! In Mexico, food at restaurants is generally much cheaper, and there are no taxes.

        About the Instructor / Coach


        Retreats with Kathrin Lake, Writing Coach and Author of Writing with Cold Feet and The A to Zen of Writing and The Happy Hammock.

        Kathrin Lake is an author and writing coach with over 20 years experience teaching writing to adults in a way no one else does. Kathrin is an award winning playwright, screenwriter, author, former newspaper editor and has helped hundreds of people write their first books and published works, and helped many more get over their fears and procrastination around writing. You may find her books on Amazon.

        “Every Winter, I take people on a retreat to my beautiful small town in Mexico to show them how to start to take their dream out of the box and write their book or another large writing project they thought they couldn’t get to.” – Kathrin Lake

        Please email us for more information at


        Many of these people were not authors before they worked with Kathrin…now…
        ellenchauvet“I got my passion for writing back and what I accomplished is both valuable and sellable… the group was great, and we contributed and supported each other (so important !). The town was great and rustic. Loved the people. Loved the food. Loved the weather. Kathrin as a facilitator is extraordinary and for me personally gave me exactly what I was looking for. Confidence… Coaching on how to have my dialogue and the “gory” scenes work. Also great coaching on next steps for getting an agent and a publisher. The retreat was basically everything I wanted and more!” – Ellen Chauvet, author of When Darkness Falls

        “The town is a really good choice for the retreat. The timing worked well, too, and I JulieHappreciate the flexibility of being able to attend for just one week. The accommodation was perfect, and you really gave a lot of attention to detail. I finished a novel, and already have the first chapters and synopsis agent-ready! So, the retreat worked for me. I would never have finished the
        novel without the kind of support we had – I could write all day, then meet up
        with people, so I never got lonely!” – Julie H

        “I liked Kathrin Lake’s reminder to include stories. I tend to be a “just the facts, ma’am” writer, and Kathrin helped me move past that. In fact, I started my query letter to literary agents thinking “what story should I lead with?” and jumped into the most compelling one! Today one of those agents asked for a sample chapter and bio. O happy day! O so much work to do now! I’m happy I met Kathrin!” – Laurie PK

        “I really enjoyed the whole experience. Being a part of a group of writers who share a common goal was a valuable experience that yielded new contacts and connections that I treasure. To me, the town was a little scruffy, but felt safe and comfortable fairly soon after arrival and seemed a good choice for such an event, especially because of the
        familiarity and friendships. Kathrin and Jim were great hosts, warm and personable, offering suggestions for activities and creating a bond between the participants by providing opportunities for the group to socialize together while allowing freedom for individual options. As a facilitator, Kathrin was insightful, and helpful, and kept the classes interesting.” – Jacquelyn Johnston

        new-male-wimp“I thought the town was a friendly place, and I felt completely safe there, even at night. I also appreciated the apartment being so central. Kathrin’s guidance was extremely helpful, especially in the areas of character development. Asking me what my characters were like made me realize they needed more meat on their bones. I enjoyed the writing exercises in our class too. Jim and Kathrin were excellent hosts. ….Thank you for the delicious meals you prepared for us and the recommendations you gave for restaurants (Mexico Lindo’s was my favourite).” – Kelly Madden

        “This is exactly what I needed to move me forward and get me going in the right creative direction. I enjoyed meeting an amazing group of dynamic, creative and energetic group of writers. Kathrin’s classes gave me the inspiration and knowledge to move me forward. She was refreshing, inspiring and I could “hear” what she was saying. It spoke to me. Thank you so much Kathrin!” – Bev H


What you need to know to be a part of this writing retreat

This is a Link to Our Prerequisites or read the below


You should be able to answer Yes to all the below and understand the format of the retreat has been working successfully for several years:

          1. No matter what your writing experience level, you are writer who has some questions, blocks or doubts about some aspect of your writing and you want to learn or refresh your knowledge in a small group, and also from one-on-one customized coaching.  Yes/No.
          2. Writers come working on both fiction and non-fiction work including memoirs and creative non-fiction. The focus and exercises are adjusted for the group, sometimes dividing them up, but often we look at basics of story structure that applies to non-fiction as well as fiction. Does that work for you? Yes/No
          3. The group works as a team and supports one another when in a group and your positive attitude and input is expected. Does that work for you? Yes/No
          4. Kathrin, as the coach, will book or confirm the coaching sessions for the day at the end of each daily class. Understood?  Yes/No
          5. You should try to choose one project you want to work on at this retreat. Sometimes if you come with more than one this will narrow organically, but you will get more out of the retreat if you can choose or formulate in advance. Understood?  Yes/No
          6. You are expected to do some homework related to your project and you will also be expected to write and share in class. Does that work for you? Yes/No
          7. We do one semi-public reading night which we want your attendance but it is optional to read. It is also optional to go out together for any other evening meals (except for farewell meal and reading night meal), but you will be reading to your classmates in class and Kathrin will create a safe space to do so. Understood?  Yes/No
          8. You must enjoy working in groups, have no history of serious mental illness, or disrupting groups when they need quiet to write. Yes/No
          9. Everything is very close to town and it is a better experience if you are able-bodied enough to walk 5 to 10 blocks a day, though we also have bicycles and cabs are cheap and plentiful. Let us know if you have trouble walking or climbing stairs. Also acknowledge that you are 100% responsible for your own health as you would be at any other time and place. Understood?  Yes/No
          10. You are not squeamish about being in a foreign country where things may be unfamiliar and are familiar with international travel (no, you don’t need to speak Spanish). Understood? Yes/No
          11. You understand that disruptions, political debates, excessive drinking and any divisive, prejudice or non-supportive behaviors will not be tolerated?  Yes/No 
          12. You want to have fun too! Yes/No

          ONLY $200 CAD deposit to reserve at this posted rate


Refund of Deposits and Full Fees / Cancellation Policy

Retreats need to be reserved with a $200 CAD deposit. The balance or full facilitation fees will be expected 30-49 days before the beginning of the retreat when an invoice or payment link will be sent to you. Deposits and full retreat fee refunds will be done as follows:

Cancellation more than 50 days before start or arrival date, 100% refund
Cancellation 49 to 30 days before start or arrival date, 50% refund
Cancellation 29 to 21 days before start or arrival date, 25% refund
Cancellation 20 days or less before start or arrival date, 0% refund
NOTE: In lieu of refund, should you not be able to attend the retreat yourself, you may substitute another individual that can say YES to all the prerequisite questions above. You may also ask to switch to another date in the same calendar year and we will do everything in our power to accommodate you.