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1.5 to 2 hour

lorraine-murphy-headshot-002Blogging Basics for Writers
 with Lorraine Murphy aka Raincoaster –  Buy Now for $29

Millions of hits yearly Lorraine is the one to tell writers and authors how to start a blogging.

heather_conn_crop-001Writing History: Passion, Pitfalls and the Process with Heather Conn –  Buy Now for $29

With a number of non-fiction history books under her belt Heather Conn will walk you through everything she has learned about writing successful history books.

Accountant and artist David Crawley shows you why being a writer can make great tax sense… or cents!


She is the envy of other literary writers in Canada for her ability to win the grants! She is also a frequent panel juror to decide who is awarded a grants, so who better to ask how to do it? We thought so too.


Getting back to the basics of creating content for your commercial website (or blog site) you may be surprised at how much you can learn and get done in this practical class.

Instant Courses with VSW experts for ONLY $3

Not much time for learning? Get up to 30 minutes of tips and insights with impact

sue-bio-001Hiring the Right Editor at the Right Stage with Susan Pieters –  Buy Now for $3

eileencookbandw-001Make War, Not Peace: An Introduction to Conflict with Eileen Cook –   Buy Now for $3

RIS Raincoaster BW 1How to Turn Your Life into Fascinating Blog Posts with Lorraine Murphy – Buy Now for $3

kathrin_lake_sepiaHow to Sell Your Books Online Using Keywords with Kathrin Lake  –   Buy Now for $3


4 Steps to Writing Successful History with Heather Conn – Buy Now for $3

david-crawley-cropped-001Tax Tips for Writers (Canada) with David Crawley –   Buy Now for $3


Dos and Don’ts of Applying for Grants in Canada with Caroline Adderson –   Buy Now for $3

kathrin_lake_martin_crosbie-001Success Tips Every Writer Should Know with Martin Crosbie and Kathrin Lake –   Buy Now for $3 These two share the big tips of: Market research to sell your books and how to balance marketing time and writing time. – Buy Now for $3

kathrin_lake_martin_crosbie-001Formatting eBooks & Designing Books with Martin Crosbie and Kathrin Lake –   Buy Now for $3 What’s the difference between formatting an eBook and designing a paper book? Find out how best to do both and the costs in this recording of a live seminar. – Buy Now for $3

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