As of now we are postponing or no longer planning any more Writing Retreats due to the COVID19 pandemic:

We do however offer an exciting alternative that has launched many authors from our school!


We will link you up to a qualified writing coach that suits the genre or project that you wish to accomplish! Here’s how it works:

Most coaching is done by Zoom, Skype, email, Google Docs and phone. Other online programs that the client has, or prefers can be utilized.

  1. VIA EMAIL, OR OUR CONTACT FORM let us know your interest and what you want to accomplish in your writing, such as, a book, screenplay, or other project. Please leave us your best email address and phone number to get back to you. Our contact numbers at the end of this list.
  2. After brief contact we have gained enough information to link you up with a coach for an initial one hour consultation that costs only $80 CAD. (approx. $65 USD).
  3. After your first session you can decide if you want to continue coaching. See here for details.
  4. Coaching, at all times, is a collaborative effort as well as a teaching/learning experience and involves the coach commenting on, suggesting and editing your text, followed up with learning explanations and many tools and techniques we have developed to help a writer become their best writing selves. Occasionally, for some projects, your coach may quote an estimate to assist you complete your project through to publishing (via Buddha Press).



EMAIL: vswwriting at Gmail dot com

We will return your contact promptly.

Our writing coaches (also known as developmental editors) have helped writers all over the globe for over 10 years!