Writing Retreats

RETREATS ARE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED FOR FUTURE DUE TO COVID19, but we continue with virtual one on one Writing Coaching to launch our authors.

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What Makes Our Retreats Special…

  • Insightful Classes
  • Great Group Bonding
  • One-on-One Writing Coaching
  • Lots of Individual Attention on Your Writing
  • Time to Write and…
  • Great Vacation
  • Fun Events!
  • See our picture galleries below!

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What you need to know to be a part of our writing retreats:

You should be able to answer YES to all the below and understand the format of the retreat has been working successfully for several years:

          1. No matter what your writing experience level, you are writer who has some questions, blocks or doubts about some aspect of your writing and you want to learn or refresh your knowledge in a small group, and also with one-on-one customized coaching.  Yes/No.
          2. Writers come working on both fiction and non-fiction work including memoirs and creative non-fiction. The focus and exercises are adjusted for the group, sometimes dividing them up, but often we look at basics of story structure that applies to non-fiction as well as fiction. Does that work for you? Yes/No
          3. The group works as a team and supports one another when in a group and your positive attitude and input is expected. Does that work for you? Yes/No
          4. Kathrin, as the coach, will book or confirm the coaching sessions for the day at the end of each daily class. Understood?  Yes/No
          5. You should try to choose one project you want to work on at this retreat. Sometimes if you come with more than one this will narrow organically, but you will get more out of the retreat if you can choose or formulate in advance. If you feel your manuscript needs no improvement, please do not attend. This retreat is based on giving gentle but constructive feedback and you should be open to that. Understood?  Yes/No
          6. You are expected to do some homework related to your project and you will also be expected to write and share in class. Does that work for you? Yes/No
          7. We may do a semi-public reading night which we want your attendance but it is optional to read. It is also optional to go out together for any other evening meals (except for farewell dinner and reading night meal), but you will be reading to your classmates in class and Kathrin will create a safe space to do so. Understood?  Yes/No
          8. You must have no  history of serious mental illness and must enjoy working in groups and have no past history of being a disruption to others’ need for quiet to write. Yes/No
          9. Everything is very close to town and it is a better experience if you are able-bodied enough to walk 5 to 10 blocks a day, though there is also buses, bicycles and cabs and our own transport (in Victoria). Let us know if you have trouble walking or climbing stairs. Also acknowledge that you are 100% responsible for your own health as you would be at any other time and place. Understood?  Yes/No
          10. You are not squeamish about being in a foreign country where things may be unfamiliar and are familiar with international travel (no, you don’t need to speak Spanish for Mexico retreats). Understood? Yes/No
          11. You understand that disruptions, political debates, excessive drinking and any divisive, prejudice or non-supportive behaviors will not be tolerated?  Yes/No
          12. You want to have fun too! Yes/No