Writing Coaching


Sometimes classes are not enough and you want to have customized help to make your project get a head start and your skills to advance quickly. In that case, we recommend a writing coach (also described as a developmental editor).

Coaching can be in-person or over the phone and internet or a combination of both.

To set up a FREE 15 minute call to match you with a coach, contact vswwriting@gmail.com. Put “Coaching” in subject and tell us which genre you are writing in, i.e.: children’s fiction, mystery, self-help, etc. and what you want to accomplish. See PRICES & PACKAGES BELOW.

Some authors (now) we helped launch:

Initial Writing & Publishing Coaching Session – $75

  • This is a valuable planning session in which clients learn how to think about their book project in terms of planning it for publishing and marketing success.
  • This may involve per-meeting and in-session research and online training to introduce tools and methods for success.
  • This is also a session for getting to know your coach and your coach getting to know the author and their project to see whether a future commitment to work together makes sense and is mutually an exciting match.
  • As a take-away, a next steps recommended plan towards writing and publishing will be given and/or emailed at the end of this session.

Writing & Publishing Coaching Packages – $879

Only after an initial session where you and coach want to go forward will you be allowed to buy a coaching package. Coaching packages are 6 Sessions plus up to 6 additional hours of editing on your manuscript or the text you will be creating.

TOTAL up to 12 hours

  • 6 one hour sessions plus
  • Up to 6 hours of editing and resource gathering time which is up to one hour of work your coach does for each in-person session.
  • Includes up to ten pages editing done in advance of your next session to discuss for learning purposes as well as assisting in your editing.
  • Includes advice on successful writing skills, structuring, titles, cover design, marketing and successful book promotion.
  • Includes supporting materials sent electronically.
  • Includes homework follow-up emails.
  • Can include full visual/audio recording of session so you can review the live online how-to lessons
  • Brief emails between sessions for advice and further clarifications are acceptable
  • The sessions will require a computer. Prefer to have manuscripts in MS Word and using Word’s Track Changes (if you do not know how to use track changes you will be shown and a video link sent to you to learn)

We must add GST to all charges.

Any work requested that goes over the 12 hours will be alerted to you by your coach in advance and a charge can be agreed to before proceeding. Package sessions expire if not used within a year of your first session. Does not include phone charges you may incur but will be done via Skype and be free often.

NOTE – You may be eligible for Government Sponsored Training

For areas in remote Canada and British Columbia for job training we can do online programs via distance that your government job programs may be able to pay for your training and you will receive a certificate of completion – so do ask your case manager if you may be sponsored for jobs such as Children’s Author, Fiction Author, Non-Fiction Author training.