Writing Non-Fiction History: Passion, Pitfalls and Process

heather_conn_crop-001Heather Conn is on oral historian who has written for more than 50 publications and published a number of books that chronicle specific histories. She knows the passion, pitfalls and process of writing successful history books. Let her guide you in her secrets to create relevant, interesting and marketable writing using her smart choices and basic skills.  Whether it is a family history, non-fiction history book, feature article or even a TV piece, you will come out knowing you can do it.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to start using the basic questions (5Ws and 1H)
  • Researching: where and how
  • The 3 step process to primary and secondary research
  • Discovering the current issues, perceptions and knowledge
  • Handling conflicting opinions and sensitivities
  • Tips for interviewing
  • Discovering the hidden stories
  • Posing questions you don’t have the answers to
  • Avoiding the risk of plagiarism
  • Getting beyond myths and stereotypes
  • Creating timelines
  • Finding characters and stories that matter
  • Making smart choices for structuring
  • Using creative non-fiction techniques


Instructor: Heather Conn

Heather Conn is co-author of Vancouver’s Glory Years (Whitecap Books 2003) and author of Vancouver’s Trolley Buses 1948-1998 (BC Transit 1998).  She has written on history and other topics for 50+ publications and taught at Capilano University, Selkirk College and elsewhere. She has a degree in history and a master’s degree in creative nonfiction writing. See www.heatherconn.com.


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