Writing for Websites: Creating Powerful Content

Creating content for your website is a daunting task for those trying to sell their books, courses, products, services or anything.  Even if you have someone else creating your site you need to give them the content.  You need a little guidance on where to start … or a lot of guidance.

Take this virtual course with wordmeister, Kathrin Lake, and in eight short videos you’ll feel fully confident and have generated some great words for your site.

The course starts you off on how to brainstorm for content and where to focus, then looks at what works and what mistakes to avoid in writing and styling content for your pages.

Eight video scope:

brainstomringcontent#1 Brainstorming Your Contentlessismore

#2 Stick to the Plan

#3 Pictures Speak

#4 Less is More & Rule of 3s

#5 Don’t Explain & Format

keywords-in-web-writing#6 Words Matter

#7 Keywords 

#8 Not Just Content 

This course also comes with pdf ebook, the A to Zen of Writing for Websites for more great suggestions, ideas and information!

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How do you buy the course?

Email vswwriting@gmail.com with the course name you want.
We will send you a payment link and once paid you will get the video/audio link of the course with any pdf handouts emailed to you! For this course it will be multiple emails.

Note: it can take up to one hour to process. If you do not get the link please check your junk mail or spam folder first. If you still don’t see it please contact vswwriting@gmail.com and tell us the name of the course you did not receive and the price.