Accounting and Taxes for Writers (Canada)

This workshop will answer for Canadian writers how they should best be accounting their income and managing their taxes. David will give the professional answer to the question of whether you are a business or a hobby and why you want to be a business. He will answer your burning questions like:

  • What can you write off?
  • Who can be involved in my business? Who should be?
  • How to build a accounting routine?
  • Do I need software?
  • How do I handle GST?
  • What income do I report?
  • Should I incorporate?
  • How can I minimize the risk of an audit?
  • How is Canada-US Tax Treaty relevant to writers?
  • What is a withholding tax?
  • How do I deal with cross border transactions?
  • And many other considerations you should know…

(Disclaimer: this is not replaceable to specific tax or accounting advice from an appropriate professional. This information is relevant as of 2016 tax year and continues to be relevant but you are advised to check with your accountant or the CRA.)

How do you buy the course?

Email with the course name(s) you want.
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Note: it can take up to one hour to process. If you do not get the link please check your junk mail or spam folder first. If you still don’t see it please contact and tell us the name of the course you did not receive and the price.

Dave Crawley, CPA, CA is a musician and song-writer who has been working as a chartered accountant for the past twenty five years providing a wide range of professional services for small growing companies. He lives in North Vancouver with his wife and two teenagers and can be seen around town playing with his ‘Celtic rockabilly’ band, Persons of Interest.

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