What Do You Want to Learn in Writing & Publishing?


We want to know which of the following workshops or discussions groups would interest you for…

Fall or next Summer in Victoria, B.C. or Vancouver, B.C. :

  1. Self Publishing: How To Do It
  2. Publishing: Options in Today’s World
  3. Book Marketing Strategy: Be a Successful Indie Author
  4. Memories to Memoirs: Writing a Successful Memoir
  5. Ghost Story: Workshop for Halloween – culminates in a competition (prize: workshop fee reimbursed)
  6. Poetry: Find Freedom in Creating Your Poetic Voice
  7. DISCUSSION GROUP Writing and Politics: Progressive Thought for a Positive Future


EMAIL vswwriting@gmail.com and tell us ONLY above events YOU would be absolutely interested in attending, including your own suggestions. Also, tell us if you would like these events in Vancouver or Victoria, B.C., Canada.

Do get on our email list to ensure you get invited. Use pop-up or subscribe in side bar on the retreats or contact page (not the blog subscription at bottom)

If you are not in the area we are working to bring you more distance audio/video classes and there are always our writing retreats in Mexico and Victoria.

Generally workshops are $20/hour and between 2 – 4 hours ($40 – $80) and facilitated by an expert, discussion groups are $5 or whatever covers room rentals.

These are general prices which are subject to change. 



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