VSW Mexico Writing Retreat #2 and #3 in Best Writing Retreats 2019

Did you know our writing retreat made two lists of the best writing retreats in the world! Both The Write Life and Kotobee said we rated. See their comments below. NOTE: Look at current dates and prices that include accommodation on this page

Both lists noticed that we are a very economically priced retreat for all you are getting. Not many retreats offer one-on-one coaching with an expert to further your writing and publishing aims, for example.

We’d like to make a minor correction too. This year we have four retreats at Casa Creatividad (Escape to Creative Happiness).

January 7 – 13, 2019
January 21 – 27, 2019
Feb. 18 – 24, 2019,
March 18 – 24, 2019
Great Gift (to yourself or someone you love).  Click Here

Click Here  for current and Future retreats! 

Many visitors come early and/or stay late to enjoy the special setting, make day trips or just get more writing done. Everyone says the town could not be more friendly and has lots of good restaurants and things to do.

Just had to pat ourselves on the back.

NOTE: Look at current dates and prices that include accommodation on this page

Still space for January and February. Great deal with the exchange rate especially for Americans.   Click Here to Find out More  

Click Here  for current and Future retreats! 



19 thoughts on “VSW Mexico Writing Retreat #2 and #3 in Best Writing Retreats 2019

  1. Attending Kathrin Lake’s writing retreat in the historic village of Barre de Navidad in Mexico is a gift to oneself. Kathrin’s knowledge and time is generously shared. I was impressed with the considerable amount of individual time each writer is given. This is the best of writing worlds as you can stay at Casa Creatividad (enjoying hammock time seems to intense the creative juices!), mingle with like-minded and fun writers from all over the globe and your writing skills benefit. There is also the great food that Barre offers and the activities that surround the picturesque bay. It doesn’t matter what state your manuscript is at, there will be benefits. Give yourself a gift and book in.

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  2. This writing retreat is a must for anyone needing to take time away from their daily routine to reassess their writing, whether it be in non-fiction, poetry or novels. Kathrin creates a supportive, nurturing environment while challenging each participant to explore their work in a deeper and more meaningful way, both in group work and individual coaching sessions. Highly recommended.

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  3. Wonderful writing retreat. Kathrin Lake creates a very safe, supportive & fun writing environment that gets the creative and imaginative juices flowing! Where I felt vulnerable in exposing my insecurities as a writer, she made me feel safe and encouraging to go further. She sees the strength(s) in each writer and shows how each of us can get even better! It has been the best writing retreat ever and I’ve been coming to it for a few years now and never want to miss it.

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