Wow! Get Paid by the Library for Your Book!

There is a new project that the library is doing for indie authors* from Vancouver that pays them money!
The Vancouver Indie Author Collection

A new collection of self-published books by local authors. These books can be checked out using the Odilo platform. The collection also includes print books which can be found through our catalogue.

For more information on using Odilo, please see this tutorial. For more information on submitting your own book to the Vancouver Indie Author Collection, please see the submission page.

The library will purchase your book at the listed retail price. If you apply for the Public Lending Right Program, you may also be eligible to receive annual payments for public use. (See ‘Getting an ISBN’  on their site)

What about if you are not in Vancouver?
From their FAQs:
“We will consider it if it meets our Collection Development Policy, staff believe that it will be of interest to our audience, and it meets the other criteria for formatting, publication date, and being compliant with Canadian law. Please include reviews along with information about your book. If we accept it, it will be a part of the library’s main collection and not a part of the Vancouver Indie Authors collection and promotion.”
Consider that you may want to check out your local library and their programs!
For more information on VIAC:
 TWO VSW COURSES COMING TO DOWNTOWN WEST END CC! How to Write and Publish an eBook and How to Write and Publish Children’s Books.

*indie authors are serious, professional, self published authors whose works are indistinguishable from traditionally published and make up over 50% of the books on Amazon. 

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