2 thoughts on “Romance Writing

    1. Great question about the difference between Chick Lit and Romance genres! Bestselling Chick Lit author of the Shopaholics series, Sophie Kinsella, says the difference between Chick Lit and Romance genre is in Chick Lit, “everybody’s a lot more wry or ironic or will crack a joke rather than have their bosom heave.”
      The broad definitions of Chick Lit is that Chick lit is genre fiction which addresses issues of the contemporary woman, but with more humour. The style or genre, became popular in the late 1990s, with a number of chick lit bestsellers. Publishers developed imprints to meet demand. Chick Lit often includes romance, but she doesn’t always get her ideal man as with romance genres and it is not the main part of the storyline in the same way. It also differs because of the protagonist’s relationship with her friends and girlfriends is often just as important as her romantic love interest – like Bridget Jones for example.
      Romance novels, while having a much longer history, can contain more traditional plotting and character development versus the comical exploits of the chick lit. Formulaic romance sub genres popularized by Harlequin Romance since the 50s and other Romance publishers often have more rigid plot rules or guidelines for their heroines and their leading men. They also have in recent decades had increasingly more explicit love scenes, differentiating the sub-genres from erotic romance to “sweet romance.” They have also crossed over into many other genres from historical fiction, comboy, to fantasy including vampire novels.


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